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Do I really need to have chip timing at my race?

The better question might be: "Do I need to have quick and accurate results?"
Considering that the race results might be the last thing your athletes will remember
about your event, doesn'
t it make sense to use the fastest, most accurate method
available to score a race? Especially
when IAT offers chip timing for the same, or less
than the cost of less advanced systems.

Will I need to change the way I register runners?

Depending on your registration system you might have to do less work than in the

What About Registration?
The sooner the better when it comes to getting this setup for your own benefit, we
understand how last-minute signups play a role in attendance. The day Before your
event simply e-mail IAT a spreadsheet with your pre-registered athlete
information, and we will do the rest. We will also be glad to set up and manage online
registration for your event through our website for no additional charge. Send us a
copy of your registration form and your athletes will have the option to register for
your event online. The more time to register often leads to more entries.

How many extra volunteers will I need to time the event?
Very few extra volunteers will be needed, if any. IAT will bring enough staff to
handle the setup of t
he finish line, timing equipment, and handle race day data entry.  


What type of finish line set up do I need to provide?
Basically, you just need to have a location in mind (park, pavilion, workplace,
neighborhood) and we'
ll work with you on the rest. Some places make it really easy,
some might provide a challenge. IAT will provide a finishing chute and everything
else needed at the finish line. If you do not have a course in mind and are looking to

start your first event we can help with location scouting, course design, any applicable
permitting, police escorts, etc. to ensure runners are safe and enjoy the experience.
Police escorting will require a cost to the police dept.

Will I need to provide electricity for your timing gear?
All our timing gear operates on an independent power source, so no electricity is
required at the finish line. We also have a generator for a power supply if needed. It is
helpful, (but not required) if there is power at the registration area.

How long will it take to produce the race results?
Under normal circumstance complete results will be ready after the last competitor of
the event. As a courtesy to all registrants, we won’t pull any gear or shutdown until
the last finisher finishes. IAT will also produce and post preliminary results
frequently during the race so finished athletes can view their times and participate in
the awards and post-race festivities.

What if there is a systems failure, will we still be able to get results?
Definitely! As race organizers, IAT understands that no matter what, results for an
event must be posted in a timely manner. The chances of a catastrophic system failure
is extremely unlikely, but just in case IAT runs a computerized system with a backup
as well as a manual system to insure race results will be posted even in the event of a
complete systems crash.

Has anyone ever asked ....
Chances are, if you’re wondering, just ask, we will try to find you an answer or
solution. If you have any questions or want to find out more about having IAT score
your next event, please don't hesitate to call Gabe at 806-335-0373 or e-mail us

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